Setting Ashes

How do you keep living when the center of your world disappears without a trace?

You put one foot in front of the other every day. And you fight like hell to find her and bring her home.

I’m Clay Forbes, and I was charged with murder the same day my girlfriend Paige left town with her ex. Fighting the charges isn’t going to be easy, but I know that without Paige by my side my chances of making it through this are slim.

I need her.

When I find her, I’ll convince her to come back to Rutherford, back to her college classes, and back to me. I’ll protect her from the murderer who still roams our small college town.

I’ll show her that I can be the man she needs. And no matter what happens, I’ll never let her go again.
**A note to readers: It is highly recommended that you read OUT OF THE ASHES (The Ashes Series Book 1) before reading this book. This is Clay and Paige’s HEA.

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