It’s finally time for you to read Drake’s story, and if I”m being honest, he’s my favorite hero I’ve ever written! MAN OF HONOR is live on all retailers in both e-book and Purchase-On-Demand paperback! I’m so excited for y’all to read it! <3


MOH FB CoverA few words o describe this story:

  • HOT. Seriously…the smexy is seriously in danger of catching flame.
  • Emotional-Mea’s story deals with some really serious issues, but it had to be told and it had to be told the way I told it. I hope it makes you love her that much more.
  • Swoony-Because, Drake. Sexy army Ranger turned Mechanic? YES. AND YES.
  • Addictive-This is the kind of book that keeps you turning pages. Reviewers are telling me they read it in one day, because they just couldn’t put it down!
  • Suspenseful: Drake slays his inner demons while Mea’s actual ones, living and breathing, come to claim her.





The best rules are the ones worth breaking . . .

After his mother’s funeral, ex-Army Ranger Drake Sullivan wants only to disappear and drown his sorrows in whiskey. Then he sees her: Mea Jones. An untamed, sexy-as-hell whirlwind of energy. A few years ago, she showed him the best-and hottest-night of his life, then walked away without a backward glance. But he’s never stopped wanting more.
When it comes to guys, Mea has rules. One night. No dating. Whatever it takes to have control and keep it. With Drake, it’s all heat and hurt and hunger, and pretty much the opposite of control. And that makes him dangerous as hell. Mea has her own demons, and falling in love-or even in lust-is strictly a no-go proposition. But she soon finds out Drake is incredibly single-minded when it comes to getting what he wants. And he’s determined to be the exception to all her rules.
Reader advisory: The heroine’s past deals with dark elements some readers may find disturbing. Recommended for mature audiences only.


Her eyes take on a vulnerable sheen. Pulling the corner of her bottom lip into her mouth, she worries it while she stares up at me.
I go to her like I’m caught on a line, sliding toward her on the bed. When I’m hovering above her, I hold my weight and stroke her face with one hand. My hand nearly engulfs her.
“You are so beautiful.” My whisper is ragged, raw. She brings something out of me that I never knew existed. It’s a primal need to show her how important she is…how she’s turned my world into something I barely recognize anymore.
If it weren’t for her, I might still be allowing alcohol to dull my pain.
She gives me purpose.


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**There will be 2 bonus chapters sent directly from me to reviewers of MAN OF HONOR. Information at the end of the manuscript!**