You guys might not know this, but I have a special hangout for readers on Facebook called


So this is a place where readers of my books can come and chat plot lines, their favorite scenes and characters, and ask me ANYTHING! This is a thing…so much fun, right? I adore every single member of this group! They’re funny and interesting, and they post pics and stories that keep me laughing and checking FB throughout the day!

Here’s the awesome part for me: starting next week, as we’re heading into the last month leading up to the MAN OF HONOR release, this group will double as my street team!

Dolls who VOLUNTEER to help (because there are plenty of people who don’t want to help promo, but still want to be in the group, and that’s totally fine) to compete “missions” (easy tasks I assign to help promote) will earn points that can go toward earning swag, e-books, and even signed books and t-shirts! The team is headed up by my super-awesome assistant, Jessica! I’m ecstatic to reward the readers who go the extra mile to get the word about my books out there!


So come join us! Regardless of whether or not you decide to help promote, we have so much fun in the group!  And if you choose to accept your mission, well…..LET’S DO THIS!