Camryn Grimes has a choice to make. Two amazing boys have declared her as their heart’s desire. But will Camryn choose based on what her head thinks is good for her, or what her heart knows she wants?

Seventeen-year-old Cam is a successful student and star of her school dance and theater department. She’s captured the attention of Luka, a handsome athlete who is known around school for his good looks and future in college basketball. Cooper arrives on the scene on a racing motorcycle, and his bad-boy demeanor leaves Cam feeling breathless and confused.

In the end, her heart wants what it wants. But when the mob comes to their small coastal town in the form of Cooper’s presumed-dead father, Camryn is caught in the most dangerous spot possible: the center of the conflict.

If Cooper is going to be able to save her from his father’s crosshairs, he might end up making the ultimate sacrifice for love.


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