• Re: Where Do You Find The Time

    I’ve been asked this question an insane amount of times from friends and family since I began talking about my writing projects.

    The answer is: in every tiny empty nook and cranny of my day.

    The kids are napping? Write!

    Rest time in front of the TV? Write!

    The hubby has arrived home and can take a shift? Write?

    Late at night when all is quiet? Write!

    Early in the morning before everyone else is awake? No. I DON’T DO early in the morning. I am always the last one awake! Some authors really do set alarms and wake up early, and if that will work for you, then that’s an excellent time for it. It’s quiet and I’m sure your early morning brain is full of ideas.

    So if you want to write and you don’t have time…you have to find it. Period. When I worked full time as a teacher I would sometimes write during my planning period. I would write during my quiet time in the evenings, and on weekend mornings.

    There IS time. It just has to be found. Go find yours!


    **ADDENDUM: Once I started to consider myself a full-time author, it was easier to designate time for it. With any work from home job, you have to create your own work hours. It’s the same for writing. I work while my kids are at school, and then if they aren’t at school I work when my husband is home with them.  🙂

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