THE LILAC SKY: The Troma Chronicles Book 1



    The Lilac Sky Cover

    “Do you hear me, Isla? Survive.”

    Those are the last words seventeen-year-old Isla Fairchild hears from her parents as she’s placed into a cylinder craft and catapulted through space, saying goodbye to the dying planet Earth forever. When she exits the cylinder, she walks into a brand new world where nothing is familiar…and nothing is as it seems.

    Upon landing, she meets the striking Troman warrior, Rygen Rayas-Valk. As shocked as he is to discover a human on a planet where there are none, he and his fellow warriors agree to escort Isla out of the strange, alien jungle. A treacherous journey navigating the rugged, lush terrain of Troma with the strong and brooding Rygen brings her to the stunning Troman city of Roova.

    As she acclimates to a new life, Isla finds that there are several battles on the horizon: the battle to choose who she loves, as Rygen and the handsome warrior Ebin vie for her hand, and the battle to be seen as an equal among a radical group of Tromans who despise her because of her human weaknesses. And as Isla discovers the supernatural power that’s been lying dormant inside her all along, she learns that her fight to survive is only just beginning. Political unrest on Troma is stirring, and Isla’s very existence threatens to throw the planet into a gruesome revolution.


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